Sunday, May 27, 2012

X Games Skateboarding Party Games to Create an X Games Extravaganza!

For a fun party, you and your child can plan an X Games Skateboarding Party. There are numerous cities that have skateboarding parks or you can have it at the place where your child and their friends usually meet to skateboard.

Print invitations from your computer using pictures from the photo gallery of X Games Skateboarding site to mail or deliver to your guests. You can also take copies of those same photos for use as placemats on your tablecloth.

A great party favor you and your child can easily create, using your computer and color printer, is an X Games Skateboarding dictionary. You can include pictures of some of your child's favorite moves. Then, have your guests play a game of charades acting out their favorite X Games Skateboarding moves. You can make award certificates to give to the winners of the games.

Make skateboard shaped pizzas using the bottom half of a hot dog bun. Spread basil and garlic spaghetti sauce on the bun then, layer on pepperoni and cheese. Place on a cookie sheet and place under a broiler until the cheese is melted.

Bake a skateboard cake by using four round cake pans and one rectangular cake pan. Bake your favorite recipe doubled or use two cake mixes. Place the rectangular cake on an aluminum foil covered sheet of cardboard. Then, cut the four round cakes in half, stacking them on either end of the rectangular cake. Frost and use your imagination to decorate it like your child's skateboard.

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