Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Plants Vs Zombies Review

Plants vs. Zombies is your tower, castle, or anything where you have to defend your place type of game. The game is made by PopCap, and boy do they make great games.

So what is this game about? Your objective is to hold back the zombies with different types of plants until you complete the level.

Whether you shoot across the screen with pea shooters, or disabling their movement by throwing walnuts in their way. You want to make sure they do not get in the house, or otherwise you will lose and the zombies will eat your brains.

The game becomes increasingly more difficult as you progress. New forms or types of zombies shows up to render the plants asunder.

How you play the game is that you pick and place your plants on any part of the grid. The way you place your plants is ultimately your choice; though, normally many people will start off with setting up power plants to gain more power.

You need power to use or purchase many varieties of plants in your line of defense. Your goal is to create a big army with a mixture of offensive and defensive plants. This will put an end to those brain-eating pest!

Every time you complete a level and advance on, you unlock a new item or plant to use in your arsenal. Over time you collect coins which can be used to buy new weapons and upgrades.

Let me tell you that you definitely need them. Once the newer forms of zombies come out, they take many hits to go down.

There are a lot of different game-play styles. You got your survival mode, puzzle mode, mini-game mode, as well as playing on levels set in a night and day.

The plants that you choose during the day time might not be available during the night. It can be a bummer when you notice your favorite plant is not there at a specific time setting, but it keeps you thinking on creative ways to destroy zombies.

Overall, Plants Versus Zombies is a very fun game. The 40 plus variety of plants keeps you thinking of new ways to place your plants on the grid, and the many different types of zombies keeps you engaged and focus on your goal.

The graphics and textures are nice, neat, and friendly. It doesn't have that scary feel to it and at times the zombies can be pretty amusing.

When would you ever see a 4 zombies running on a bobsled?

The sounds are great and unique. It fits the game's theme perfectly. Of course, PopCap always make excellent games with great sounds.

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